Tru-Test MiHub Livestock has been rebranded to Datamars Livestock, Read More.

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Tru-Test Mihub Livestock is now Datamars Livestock
We’ve made an exciting change. Tru-Test MiHub Livestock has been rebranded to Datamars Livestock.

Some of you may be familiar with Datamars, a leader in animal identification products (e.g. visual and EID tags) and animal health delivery products (e.g. injectors and drench guns). Datamars includes a globally recognised family of livestock brands including Z Tags, Temple Tag, and Simcro.

In late 2018 Datamars acquired the Tru-Test family of brands (including Tru-Test, Speedrite, Stafix, Pel, Patriot, and Hayes) and since then, we’ve been moving towards fulfilling our shared vision – to deliver integrated farm management solutions that provide the data you need to help support your farming decisions.

The evolution towards more connected and integrated on-farm solutions, and the even broader range of brands we now represent, has led to a change in name, from Tru-Test MiHub Livestock to Datamars Livestock. This new brand name encompasses our family of livestock brands (which have also had a refresh!) and allows us to expand our cloud software and solutions in new ways.

Our solution is unique as it solves many of the needs in the everyday life of farmers like you. What we refer to as the Datamars Livestock ecosystem has multiple elements, reflecting the scale of our solution across our strong suite of brands. Our sheer breadth of products benefits you, as we can satisfy demand for a variety of your needs from one organisation.

We hope you’ll celebrate with us on this milestone and the opportunities ahead. But more importantly we want you to know that we remain focused on serving you, our customer. The brands that you have come to trust and love are not going away, if anything they are only going to get stronger.

When you’re working the land, we’re there with you. On farm and online, our digital platform connects you with information about your livestock, bolstering your intuition and enabling you to make precise, informed decisions.