Datamars Livestock has more than 50 years experience in supporting the every day requirements of livestock farming. We work alongside farmers to develop award-winning innovative technologies that stand the test of time as they apply them to the real nitty-gritty, day-to-day.

A measurable difference

Across Datamars, we share a common purpose: we want to make a measurable difference to the lives of our customers.

For Datamars Livestock, we believe in farmers. We stand behind those who work the land. This means we strive to create products and services that specifically make a measurable difference to their lives. Enabling our customers to produce more consistently, more efficiently, and more sustainably is what drives us.

Our globally recognised family of product brands, including Tru-Test, Z Tags, Speedrite and NJ Phillips allows us to offer a comprehensive range of integrated services and products.

When you’re working the land, we’re there with you. On farm and online, our digital platform connects you with information about your livestock, bolstering your intuition and enabling you to make precise, informed decisions.