Powerful weight monitoring, made easy. Monitor animal weight gains and track their performance to target weights.

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How it works

Why use Datamars Livestock?

  • Make better decisions

    Take action based on easy to understand information.

  • Get more value

    Make your weighing data work for you, at no extra cost.

  • Communicate clearly with your team

    Instantly share weighing data with your staff, vet or farm consultant.

  • Use technology effortlessly

    It’s straight forward to transfer data from your scale into Datamars Livestock and access powerful weight information.

Easily compare group weights against their targets to make sure you’re on track.

Review your top and bottom performers so you can manage them efficiently.

Review the group’s ADG at a glance to make sure any fluctuations are manageable and expected.

Pricing plans

  • Starter


    with Datamars Livestock devices*

    $25/mo with free 30 day delivery

    Basic weight tracking and analysis tools for up to 2 farms with 10 users.

    *Tru-Test static weighing & EID devices, and Speedrite/Stafix/PEL connected energizers only

  • Premium

    Price on application

    Enables access to manage data from our smart farm solutions.

    Remote WOW Add On

    Automated weight capture and tracking from Tru-Test Remote WOW† systems including drafter and camera integration.

    †Remote WOW systems currently available in Australia only.

  • Enterprise


    Consente l'accesso alla gestione dei dati dalle nostre soluzioni smart farm.

    Analisi dei dati personalizzata, formazione avanzata e supporto proattivo agli utenti.

    Add On WOW remoto

    Acquisizione e tracciamento automatico del peso dai sistemi Tru-Test Remote WOW†, compresa l'integrazione di drappeggi e telecamere.

    † I sistemi Remote WOW attualmente disponibili solo in Australia.

What our customers are saying

  • It has opened up opportunities. We can make decisions with certainty and confidence. Maree & Jason – Northland, New Zealand
    Testimonial #1
  • It has allowed me to identify and buy better genetics. Some people buy on looks and by name, but I have got the proof behind me. Ben – Dacre, New Zealand
    Testimonial #2
  • La pesatura dei prodotti aiuta la nostra azienda a rimanere in linea con gli obiettivi che siamo fissati, mentre i dati ci permettono di sapere se stiamo seguendo il percorso giusto. Sam - Southland, Nuova Zelanda
    Testimonial #3