We provide the platform and tools for you to better manage your farm and livestock. Our products work with each other, but most importantly – they work with you.

A smarter future

Heat and health monitoring, autonomous weighing and fencing solutions you can trust.

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Farmer in field with cows

Animal Management

Identify your animals with our comprehensive range of tags and track their individual performance with EID readers and weigh scales. Our digital platform provides you with the intel to make informed decisions about managing performance to target weights. Keep your animals in top health using our range of animal treatment devices.

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Farm Resources

Core farm infrastructure across a range of products including powerful electric fence systems, fencing tools, pasture monitoring and measurement and livestock waterers.

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When you’re working the land, we’re there with you. On farm and online, our digital platform connects you with information about your livestock, bolstering your intuition and enabling you to make precise, informed decisions.