Identify your animals and track their individual performance, backed by a digital platform that gives you the intel to make informed decisions, and help you hit your livestock weight targets on-time.

Identify livestock

Identify and keep track of individual animals with our range of identification tags and tissue tags.


Measure livestock performance

Weigh scales, EID readers and milk meters to assist critical decision making about feed, health treatments and herd management.

Animal Managment Teaser

Review performance

Transform weighing data into insights to help manage both group and individual animal performance to target weights with Datamars Livestock.

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What our customers are saying

  • It has opened up opportunities. We can make decisions with certainty and confidence. Maree & Jason – Northland, New Zealand
    Testimonial #1
  • It has allowed me to identify and buy better genetics. Some people buy on looks and by name, but I have got the proof behind me. Ben – Dacre, New Zealand
    Testimonial #2
  • Weighing products help our business stay on track with what we are trying to achieve, while the data lets you know if you are tracking right. Sam - Southland, New Zealand
    Testimonial #3